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Run Free Training is a collaboration between Ryan Hall, Jay Stephenson and Chad Hall.  Together we have over 60 years of experience in both our own running careers and coaching that we are eager to share with athletes who are looking to maximize their genetic potential across distances from 5k-Marathon.  

The name “Run Free Training” comes from a deep belief we share that we often are encumbered by our own minds, spirit and body but there is more inside of us than we could ever imagine if we can break free of the things that are holding us back and implement a holistic training program.  Run Free’s goal is to free, empower, and lead us into the fullness of who we are, on and off the roads.

Run Free Training is unlike any training program offered today with a complete package of holistic training that works to develop all the foundational aspects that must be in place to achieve one’s full potential.  We believe these foundational elements are mastering our mind, training our spirit, and giving the body optimal training stimulus coupled with adequate rest and nutrition. Every aspect of training will be addressed through our holistic training plans and individualized to each athlete with real-time updates to training and week by week plans that are adaptable to your individual weaknesses, strengths, and schedule.  But not only will we be addressing the physical body, we will also be addressing the mind and spirit. Two areas that are often neglected yet perhaps are the most important aspects to have as the engine to drive us towards our goals.

Ryan Hall is a two time Olympian for the United States in the 2008 and 2012 Marathon.  He is the fastest American to ever run the marathon and half marathon distances. Ryan retired from professional running in January of 2016 and now is focused on being a good husband, father, and coaching elite runners.  He is also an author, speaker, and enjoys his hobby of weightlifting with current best of 405 lb deadlift, 385 lb squat and a 315 lb bench press.