Our Five Finger Approach

  1. Personalized Training dialed in by your coach, for your life

  2. Rest- the role that rest plays in your life cannot be understated. While most athletes will consider resting their bodies, they don’t always consider the inner rest of your mind, emotions, spirit. Your coach will work with you on developing strategies to balance work and rest so that you are always getting the most out of your training

  3. Nutrition- It’s well understood the crucial role that nutrition plays in health and performance. Through our experiences working with athletes, and being athletes, we have also seen the prominence of faulty beliefs about nutrition and the tendency to constantly chase down performance or weight loss through extreme strategies that ultimately jeopardize the long term success of an otherwise well constructed training plan. Your coach will do a preliminary anylization of your current diet and give feedback as well as menu options. We aim to give our athletes all the information they need to fuel their bodies correctly and approach their diet with a healthy mind set.

  4. The 1%- All those little things that add up to make the difference come race time.

  5. PUNCHING! Just kidding. (we fired our intern Dwight for suggesting that).

  6. The Internal Game! Pushing your body to it’s limits creates a demand that goes beyond physical fatigue. This is the area that we strive to make the biggest difference in our athlete’s lives. Finding that place of peace and freedom that can unlock your true potential is not an easy place to get to, it’s even harder to stay there. Our coaches will be considering this aspect of your life while providing encouragement, and words of wisdom when needed. We aim to guide when needed and just be a friend in the trenches with you